Tatoo removal laser

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new generation laser to remove:

  • tatoo
  • permanent makeup
  • some skin discoloration


Tatoo Removal 

Q-switched Nd:yag laser machine Yinhe-V18


High-quality, modern, solid-state portable laser to remove:

  • tatoo
  • permanent makeup
  • some skin discoloration


Short treatment time significantly affects the comfort of a specialist performing the procedure, and the patient


The treatment is safe for skin, and hair root, convenient for specialist and patient, effective and fast so:

  • tatoo
  • permanent makeup (even on eyelides) will be removed without hurts or scars.

Laser power fragmented color so small that they can be removed without damage, and after healing process we recive normal tissue, and smooth skin.


Machine is selling together with Training.



ARTIDERM® Tattoo Removal 

 Q-switched Nd:yag laser machine Yinhe-V18

  • wave length: 1064nm, 532nm i 755nm 
  • screen: 7,0 " color touch screen 
  • width of pulse: 12ns
  • diameter: 1-7mm Facular (1-7mm 7mm for SR)
  • pulse energy: 1600MJ
  • power: 800W
  • pulse rate frequency: 1-6Hz
  • weight: gross 26 kg (18 kg netto)
  • dimensions: 54cm * 28cm * 34cm
  • voltage: 220V / 110V / 12A 50Hz (60Hz)
  • Saphire cooling system: water + wind
  • warranty: 1 year


Lifetime Laser head: 1 000 000 shots